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Dry Fertilization Lawn Care

Why Dry Fertilization?

  • A true slow release product that doesn't wash away
  • Cost is less than any liquid fertilizer
  • Provides the recommended nutrient rate in 4 applications
                                         Compare and Save!

For any lot up to 4,000 square feet, using the recommended amount of fertilizer:

Our Program:
4 applications per year (Slow Release Dry Product) @ $47.00 each = $188.00 per year

Competitor's Program:
6 applications per year (little or no Slow Release) @ $45.00 each = $270.00 per year
2 Extra trips - 6 applications with lower Nutrient Totals each visit.

That's a savings of $82.00 per year!!

Why Pay for 5-6-7 Applications?

We can apply the reccomended Nutrients in 4 applications because we use a slow release product all season... our Competitors do not!


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