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What is Leaf Spot?

Leaf spot is the most common disease in a typical lawn. Almost every bluegrass lawn has it to some degree. Over the years more resistant varieties of bluegrass have been developed, but even these often show the spotting effects on the leaves if the weather is correct.  Leaf Spots starts when the weather is cool and wet, usually in the Spring. If a lawn is under a good Fertilization program this disease does not get much worse. However if your lawn is poorly maintained, and is of a more susceptible variety, problems are in your future.  As the weather warms up and growth slows down, this disease can move farther down the plant to the crown.  Once this occurs the plant is stressed and the hot dry weather finishes it off.  Typical this is called Melting out.  If this occurs one will need to repair the lawn.

What Can I do?

First and for most do not apply more water to the lawn, in the Spring this is unnecessary and will promote the disease. If the lawn has moved into the melting out phase, heavy infrequent watering may help keep the lawn from failing.  Since Thatch is the home of allot of lawn diseases - let Earth Care core aerate the lawn in the fall. This should be an annual event until the thatch level is below 1/2"

Fungicide applications are available to control this disease, but remember they are Preventative not Curative in nature. This means they will not magically cure the problem if applied, rather they will protect those plants that are not yet affected.

What Can Earth Care do?

Earth care can core aerate your lawn, and make sure the lawn is receiving the proper nutrition. In severe cases Earth Care can repair the lawn for you using a more resistant variety of grasses. If you feel a Fungicide is what you need we can do that for you to!  Just Give us a CALL or use the Contact tab!

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