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                                                                                                             Slime Mold
What is Slime Mold?

Slime mold is a fungus that coats the grass blade with its grayish powdery spores. Often it looks like ashes stuck to the grass leaf.
Slime mold is only prevalent during wet cool periods. Usually one sees this in the Spring after lengthy periods of rain. It can however also be found in over irrigated area's, usually in the more shaded areas of a lawn.  Slime mold can damage the grass if extreme, but usually it does little damage.

 What CanI do?

If you are watering on a daily basis you need to discontinue this practice. Normally as the area dries up Slime mold disappears. Moisture is required for this Fungi to thrive, eliminate that moisture and disease will go away. Infrequent heavy watering is preferred.


Eliminate moisture, allow area to dry out, and disease will disappear.

What Can EARTH CARE do?

Earth Care personnel are trained to diagnos this problem. Call us or use the Contact Tab if you need help. As the area dries out, Slime Mold will cease to be.

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