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What is Rust?

Rust is a fungi whose spores create a orangish powder to form on the leaf blade. Typically one notices that the mower and ones shoes turn orange-ish after walking in the lawn. This disease is most prevalent in newly seeded lawn areas, during the summer as the lawn becomes drier.
A heavy infestation can cause the lawn to thin and die, fungi are feeding on live leaf tissue, as well as blocking out the sun.

What Can I do?

Since Rust prefers drier conditions start watering the lawn, heavily. Rust is often associated with a lawn in need of additional Nitrogen.
Apply a Fertikizer high in Nitrogen to fix the problem.


Rust can be controlled by a application of a High Nitrogen Fertilizer. Basically what happens is the Nitrogen increase growth and the disease is mowed off faster than it can reproduce.  Within a few weeks of A Fertilizer Treatment - it will be gone.

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