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Red Thread
What is Red Thread Thread?

Red thread is a disease which tends to attach bluegrass during periods of high humidity and temps of 68- 75 degrees It can cause the area to have a slightly pink hue when well developed, or just individual spots will show signs of damage. Typically the disease starts out by creating small 'spots' in the lawn that appear wet. Kind of like an oil spill on grass. As time progresses the grass blades turn tan ,and red mycelium begin to show. In susceptible species of grass this can all occur in 24- 48hrs. Red thread damage tends to make an area look tattered, as not every grass plant is usually affected.

What Can I do?

Unfortunately you cannot control the weather. If your lawn is susceptible to this disease, good nutrition has been shown to help.  Contact Earth Care to get on our Fertilization Program. If you are on Our program it is unlikely Nutrition is a key factor - just lousy weather.

Fungicide applications do work - but need to be applied before such weather weather hits - Spring  and Fall.  Since Fungicides are Preventative and not Curative, several applications will need to be done.  Call Earth Care to for more information.

What Can Earth Care do?

Earth care can apply Preventative fungicide applications.  Give us a call!!!!
As the weather warms up and the moisture decreases this disease will fade as fast as it occurred. If not severe the lawn will fill back in.

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