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        Dollar Spot                                    Dollar Spot on grass

What is Dollar Spot?

Dollar spot is a disease which is difficult to detect on bluegrass. An affected area tends to thin, as the individual "Spots" move together.  In Bluegrass it can easily be mistaken for other problems,and is often confused with dollar spot. A distinctive characteristic of dollar spot is that individual grass blades that are affected show an hour glass type lesion on the blade. The grass blade tends to shrink in the center of the lesion giving it an hour glass appearance.  Dollar Spot tends only to leave a lesion on the leaf.  Dollar Spot also occurs only when the humidity is High and the nights cool.

What Can I do?

A Good slow release fertilization program will helg the lawn recover from this disease.  CALL EARTH CARE we would be glad to help!
All fungus requires moisture to grow, so limit watering to heavy infrequent watering. Consider core aeration to help open up the thatch layer, destroying the diseases home.  Fungicides are available t treat this disease, but usually by the time one has it diagnosed the weather has changed had the disease no longer posses a threat.  Damage cause by the disease if not severe will grow or back, it it fails to do so then on e will have to re-seed these areas in the fall.  CALL EARTH CARE we can do this work for you!  Give us a call, or use the contact tab!!



What Can Earth Care do.?

Earth care can correctly diagnose the problem. If not severe Earth Care would recommend nothing further be done.

If the lawn has suffered allot of damage, seeding with a quality seed blend would be recommended and something Earth Care can do

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