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What is Snow Mold

Snow mold is a fungus that is active under snow cover or as the snow melts.  There are several species  Pink and Grey, but they both act the same way.
The coloration is most pronounced as they snow is melting, and the area is still moist.  As the area drys out  the color tends to fade.  A distinctive characteristic of Snow Mold is the that affected areas look as though someone glued the grass down. Snow mold can kill large areas of grass quickly, so proper diagnosis is important.

What can I do?

If you think you have snow mold - as soon as possible lightly rake the affected areas. This will break up the mycelium, fluff up the area, and help the area dry out faster.  If you are lucky this will prevent the Snow Mold from killing the crown of the plant and it it will recover.  If it fails to look better in a few weeks then, it has damaged the lawn beyond repair and you will have to repair the affected areas.  CALL EARTH CARE  we would be glad to help!

Chances are that last fall you left the lawn tall going into winter, it is important that the lawn be cut shorter as fall approaches -  1.5" or so. Snow Mold favors longer grass, because it tends to lay over when it snows creating a more desirable environment.

If this has happened before Consider using a Fungicide in Late Nov. to protect the Lawn.  Call Earth Care we are licensed to this kind of work.
Keep in mind Fungicides are protectants and do not cure a disease.  For this disease as late of an application as possible is the most desirable as one wants the material to be on the plant leaves all winter.

What can Earth Care Do?

Earth Care can help you with the repair of your lawn if that is needed.
Earth Care and also apply a fungicide in late fall to help prevent this from reoccurring.

Call us 630-231-8940 or use the Contact tab to get started.

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